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My first contact with programming was when I was about eight years old. My parents, instead of a classic GameBoy, bought me a strange machine with which it was possibile to learn coding using hundreds of preset listings. I admit I had little idea about what I was doing, but I think it has been useful anyway. At least to impress my friends…

But the real love affair was triggered only during high school, when I was selected to participate in the implementation of the institute’s official website. Man, that was fun!

I decided that this would be my career, and during my studies I devoted myself to increase my knowledge as much as possible in any field of programming, carrying out many voluntary activities as a freelance.

Even after starting working, my thirst of knowledge has not subsided, and led me to always carry out new projects. Below are shown only the most recent, but the list could be much longer…


  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  • Angular 2+
  • C#, VB.NET, Java
  • WPF, Silverlight, WinForms
  • WebAPI, WCF
  • Android SDK


  • Novelist


    An Android app to help people write their own books.

    Novelist is the most advanced novel writing app on Google’s Play Store.


    • Write on Web on any browser
    • Generate and use templates when creating new books
    • Backup and restore with Google Drive (automatic too)
    • Book compilation in EPUB, RTF or HTML format
    • Complete book preview without leaving the application
    • Rich text editor with format, counters and autosave
    • Insert and review comments in texts
    • View and restore previous text versions
    • Comfortable night mode

    Download Novelist from Google Play Store

  • Cinemaniacs


    An Android app to display popular, top rated and favorite movies.

    Cinemaniacs is the first mandatory assessment for Udacity’s Android Nanodegree. This is an online course sponsored by Google, and aimed to train a new generation of Android developers.

    In simple terms, it is a Popular Movies app. It connects to The Movie Database API and retrieves the latest and most popular movies. User can read movie details, including reviews, and add them to a favorite collection or watch trailers on YouTube.


    • Activities and Fragments using Material Design
    • Local SQLite database to store data
    • Content Provider and Loaders
    • Sync Adapter to retrieve data

    Download Cinemaniacs from Google Play Store


  • Shoppeal


    Product comparison based on features, gauges, needs and filters.

    Shoppeal is a product comparison website, based on a technology whose work is already in progress.

    Search can be set in many ways, using product feature filters, usage gauges and user needs. Tools also allow comparison and similarity test between items.


    • Custom responsive layout
    • Client interation
    • Complete Search API (work in progress)
    • Amazon integration (now removed)

    Go to Shoppeal

  • GetAroundIceland


    A planner to manage trips to Iceland.

    Get Around Iceland is a simple tool to plan trips to Iceland. This amazing country has difficult names to remember, so I though it could be useful to draw an itinerary on a Google Map.

    User can save a trip and retrieve it later. Project could be extended to provide day-by-day organizer and facilities to search for accomodation.


    • Google Maps integration

    Open Get Around Iceland

  • San Pio X Cinisello Balsamo

    San Pio X Cinisello Balsamo

    Official website and blog of my local Church community.

    This website has been donated to my local Church community, so they could use it to insert news, articles, communicate and inform about all their activities.

    A template was bought and customized to suit their needs.


    • Customized WordPress template

    Heavy metal webzine and content management system.

    Being a big fan of hard rock and heavy metal music, as well as web development, I have always looked for ways to combine these my two interests. The first attempt,, developed between 2001 and 2002, was an interactive portal for the insertion of album reviews by users. The interest in the project, has caused it to be acquired by the large family of, one of the main Italian thematic webzines which I became editor-writing over six hundred reviews.

    In 2007 I moved to the development, completely redoing the portal and making it conform to the Web 2.0 dictates. Although the system is now showing its age, it continues to operate with its custom CMS to manage all content in the database.


    • Full custom CMS to manage users, roles, ads, groups, albums. reviews, interviews, live calendars, live reports, articles, guides, and so on….