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ReturnTrue | My life online


Hi, I’m Alessandro Riperi, an enthusiastic programmer, always willing to learn something new. A technology lover since childhood, I chose the job I always wanted to do. I’m independent, proactive and you’ll never hear me say “I’m not able to do so”.

But there is not only work, so when I’m not coding you can find me on some remote mountain trail or riding my bike for a new cycling adventure.

I also like to cook, read, write and listen to a lot of good rock music. I love Iceland and Scandinavia in general, but prefer slow journeys using my car. Don’t like the plane, I use it only if necessary.

If you want to know something more about me you can read my blog or contact me through form or social network links.

Have a nice visit!


Professional career

  • Today2018

    Full stack analyst/developer

    Oil Meter Sistemi Srl - Cinisello Balsamo

  • 20182017

    IT Manager

    FunFactory Srl - Cinisello Balsamo

  • 20172008

    Full stack analyst/developer

    2T Info Service Srl - Milano

  • 20082001

    Freelance webmaster

    On my own

Education & Training

  • Android Development 2016


    Udacity – In partnership with Google

  • Master's Degree - 109/110 2008

    Master of Information Technology

    Università degli Studi di Milano

  • Bachelor's Degree - 105/110 2005

    Bachelor of Digital Communication

    Università degli Studi di Milano

  • High school - 85/100 2001

    Diploma di Maturità

    Liceo Scientifico G. Peano - Cinisello Balsamo

Learning milestones

  • 2018
    First success!
    My second Android app, Novelist, reaches over 100k download and 40k active users in less than one year. Hurray!
  • 2015
    Becoming Mobile
    The maturity of the Android development platform has convinced me to start a new evolution that will - hopefully - allow me to finally become a Mobile developer.
  • 2008
    Look mama, I got a job!
    My first full-time job has marked the evolution from enthusiastic programmer to full-stack developer with a deep understanding of all software life cycle phases.
  • 2005
    Web 2.0 is the New Web
    The advent of Web 2.0 has been a real turning point regarding user and social interactions, thanks to AJAX and the resurgence of Javascript. Not only popups, from now on...
  • 2002
    Enter Microsoft.NET
    In 2002, Microsoft introduced a new framework for developing web and desktop applications. I immediately fell in love, guessing its enormous potential, and since then it has always been my first choice technology for every new project.
  • 1998
    High school experiments
    During my last year I was selected with other class mates to be part of a team aimed at the realization of the official High School website. This has been my first experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript. And that was great!